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Will & Estate Planning

You've spent your adult years working hard, carefully saving and investing your assets. You plan to enjoy the later years of your life, confident in the knowledge that there will be adequate funds to care for your loved ones after your death.

But have you planned for the transfer of these assets? Have you left definite instructions for the disbursement of your estate to the people and causes that matter most to you?

A failure to plan for the transfer of your assets can cause confusion and frustration for your family members.

What is a Will, Exactly?

willA will is a legal document, and when properly prepared, its directives will be followed to the letter. With no changes. With no substitutions. When you die, your will becomes an irrevocable mandate.

This is an awesome power if you think about it. Not only does this allow a person to speak from beyond the grave, a will also achieves a level of obedience that is seldom seen during life.

Professionals constantly remind us to prepare our will before it is too late. A will can distrubute assets to people and charities.

A Will Can Be Used to Accomplish the Following

Making a Will Brochure
Indicate your funeral and burial arrangement wishes
Provide a stream of income to your family while the estate is being administered
Help distribute a sudden increase in wealth that is acquired prior to a person's death, but not transferred automatically afterwards
Name who fills the very important post as executor or administrator of your estate
Help minimize the impact of federal estate taxes
Prepare for the care and maintenance of a minor child, a legally incompetent adult, or a pet
Suggest a guardian for your minor children in the event one is needed

Provide peace of mind by acting as a safety net should some of your assets not transfer automatically at your death

Provides you the opportunity to support those causes that have guided your life in a meaningful way, by making charitable bequests.

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